Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fiji - the Sunset, a Trip to Monurike Island, the Sea Life and Our Bure on Matamanoa Island

Bula! This is the fourth and last instalment of our holiday pics.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you haven't been to the Fiji Islands, I can highly recommend them for a relaxing holiday destination.

The Sunset
There was only one night on Matamanoa Island that we got to see a spectacular sunset and it happened to be on our last night.  This photo was taken using my new iPad.  I was super impressed with how it turned out!  Yes ... places like this really do exist.

This was the same day time view.

The Beach at Sunset.

Another gorgeous photo taken with our Olympus Camera.

A Trip to Monurike Island - the Setting for the Movie, Cast Away
Approaching the Island

 Monurike Island

Chuck's 'Help Me' signal (mmm ... I've watched the movie again and it isn't the same, but considering a cyclone has changed the landscape since the movie's release, I guess the replica will have to do)

Tom Hanks spent a lot of time running up and down on this stretch of beach.  According to our guide, who got to see some of the filming, poor Tom had to do quite a few takes and did let a few swear words slip in the process!

Do you remember this rock from the movie?  'Chuck' tried to crack open a coconut by throwing it up against the rock several times, of course without any success.

Robbie showing us the right way to crack open a coconut.

Yep .. I was really there and I certainly remember the scenes from the movie which were shot at the top of the rock.  Poor Chuck .. four years was an awful long time to be marooned.

The Sea Life

My hubby took all the underwater photos with his new camera.  I did do a little bit of snorkelling on the last day ... it was  the first time for me. The coral and marine life were truly an amazing sight to see.

Our Bure - Number 15


A close up photo of just one section of the ceiling - Tapa Art

The beautiful wall light

Well, that was just a small sample of the 200 plus photos we took of beautiful, Fiji.  Now all we have are memories.  I have been back at work for a week now and I still feel quite relaxed.  I'm still running on 'Fiji Time'.  Thanks, Brett, for the best birthday present ever!


PS:  I've had a bit of a break from all things 'crafty' but I might actually be back within the week to share a card or two. 

Fiji - Matamanoa Island Resort

It's freezing here in Tassie today and the AFL Grand Final is in full swing, so what better time to upload some more photos of our recent holiday.

Our main holiday destination in Fiji was the beautiful Matamanoa Island Resort - a little piece of 'heaven on earth'.  It was a 'child free' resort - gotta love the idea of that especially if you're a school teacher :)

First Impressions
This is me letting hubby know what I thought of our accommodation just after we were shown to our bure. The view definitely got the 'thumbs up' from me.

 Our first glimpse of Matamanoa Island Resort.

 I couldn't wait to step ashore!

 A photo opportunity around every corner.


The Restaurant
 Lighting the torches before dinner.

 All lit up

 The Dining Room

The Food



The View
 This was 'our' front yard.

 A great place to read and relax.

 'Our' pathway to the beach.

 Our view to the West.

 The garden path to our bure.

 Our bure

 Only a few steps from our own patch of beach.

 From the beach looking up towards our home away from home.

 The Beach

 The Resort Pool

 The Entertainment
 The choir from a nearby island village came to sing some good old fashioned gospel songs.

 Every night the staff welcomed new guests and said goodbye to those leaving the next day.

 Saying Goodbye to Matamanoa

 Our cases ready to be transported by dinghy.

 The boat on the left took us back to the passenger ferry and the little dinghy on the right was loaded up with the luggage.

I still have have a few more photos to share of the sea life, the sunsets, the buru and our trip to the island where 'Cast Away' was filmed.  Be back soon ...

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