Convention Awards' Dinner

Some of the Tassie Girls - Me, Lynda, Claire and Rochelle

The Gorgeous Centrepiece for the Table

My Mum and I

Sharnee and Carli

Claire and Lynda

Thanks ladies for your wonderful company! See you for the Regionals in Launceston on the 4th September and for the National Convention in Melbourne from May 12th - 14th.

Congratulations to Claire and Sharnee for receiving awards for personal sales.

Bron XX


Tania Gould said…
Loved seeing your pics! I feel so left out!!!!!!! *winge winge*!!!
Mae Collins said…
Great photos, everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. I agree with Tania, 'feel so left out!' Hopefully I can attend next year's Convention! So pleased to hear of Claire's personal sales award.
Leonie said…
Look slike you guys had some fun, all glamed up! Gorgeous! I can NOT believe we swapped and didnt meet!
Christine Blain said…
Gorgeous photos, Bron, of what was a really lovely night.
Lynda Moss said…
Hi Bron,

you have some great pics there, I hope you don;t mind that i have copied a few of the ones with Claire and I in to put on my blog - when I get a chance!

Lynda xx