Melbourne Convention Snap Shots

The absolute highlight for me was hanging out with our wonderful team mates from Just Add Ink. I just hope I can catch up with the other four members at some stage as it was such a blast getting to know these fabulous ladies.

Back L - R: Tania Gould, Me, Jodene Tripp, Paula Dobson, Jo Eades
Front L - R: Kim Badelt, Nikki Spencer, Mae Collins, Delys Cram

Our Kind-Hearted Volunteer Photographers (dubbed the Paparazzi)

The guy on the far right was the official photographer and you can see a photo of us on Shelli's Blog. Seriously, how cool is that???

I just love this photo of Delys and Paula, the two NZ gals on the JAI Team. It was taken just before the first main session.

Here's Sharnee Torrents (a fellow Tassie friend/demo/'side line') doing a Workshop WOW on stage.

We were in awe of her torn paper frame demonstration. Super job!!!

Jodene and Paula waiting for the Make 'n' Take Session to begin

I had a lovely photo of Cathy Clark and Peggy Quarmby from WA too but just realised it contained pictures of Sneak Peeks that I couldn't 'crop' so will have to share another post at a later date. Sorry girls :(

Don't you love this? A Diet Coke accompanied by a piece of pavlova and cherry ripe slice. It was fun to dine out at the Crown for a couple of nights.

Bonnie Thurber is my all-time favourite presenter from Head Office and I think this was the 'Birds and Bees' talk she gave which was extremely entertaining.

Delys got to share her expertise with her amazing scrapbooking samples. I just loved watching her do a variety of brilliant techniques. You rock, Delys!

It was great to meet the lovely, Melissa Davies, one of our regular challenge supporters at Just Add Ink.

My 'Partner in Crime'

I forgot my camera for the dinner so I've pinched this photo from Jodene :)

Far left is the gorgeous, Christine Blain, who is also a wonderful supporter of our Challenge Blog and Tina Gillespie (Third from Back Left) who was a Guest Designer with us last month. The very vivacious, Moana Dawson is the chick on the far left at the front. I had such fun sharing accommodation with her, Delys, Paula, Andrea (Delys' sister) and Mae. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of 'roomies' and have never laughed so hard in all my life!! We must get together again real soon!!

Well, that's just a small sample of all the photos that I took. I hope you enjoyed having a browse through my snapshots.

I would really love to try out some of the wonderful ideas that were shared at Convention but that will have to wait until the June Holidays as I'm now busy with report writing and our DD turns 18 on Saturday!! There are never enough hours in the day to craft!!!



I love these pic's Bron!!! WOW it was such a super great time wasn't it!!! I enjoyed hanging out with you all, what an honor to be mixing it with the JAI team!!! WOW!
Have a great week, i know i'm itching to craft and do some cool ideas too but like you say not enough hours......
Love and HUgs SHarnee :)
Anonymous said…
Yay! Thanks for sharing photos. It all looks wonderful. xx
Leonie said…
It looks like you had an absolute ball!
Anonymous said…
Nice pics Bronwyn - good to see you are showing the love ... Andrea
Loved seeing your snaps! What a fun time you all had! Feeling a little envious ... but so happy for you all! Hugs xxaxx
Chris said…
Ha! Now I remember you from last weekend (I'm a friend of Jo's)! Wasn't it a blast?
I just posted a comment on your butterfly easel card (after making two of them, such fun) ... now to have a further look through your blog :-)
Paula Dobson said…
A wonderful selection of photo's showing what a blast we all had! It was so cool to finally meet (most) of the JAI team and spend three days of fun and madness together! Can't wait until we can do it all again ♥
Christine Blain said…
Bron, these photos capture beautifully what a FABULOUS time was had by all at Convention - what a blast, hey?! It was lovely to catch up with you; can't wait for Canberra already! It is WAAAAAY cool that you JAI girls got your pic on Shelli's blog - you're so famous!!! xxxx
justplainkate said…
My face made it into a photo!! I am the one in the background in the first photo. I was lovely to meet you, and I had the best time at my first convention. Everyone is so inspiring!!
Anonymous said…
Oh I am so so jealous - wish I had have been there too....never mind, maybe next time aye? Looks fab. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Love Chantell x x
Patrice said…
Fabulous line up of photos here. Lovely to see you all having such a good time together.