My Craft Space

There's nothing like an Open House/Catalogue Launch to get me motivated enough to sort out my craft space. For those that have dared to venture in there in the past, will know that it was a mess!

You wouldn't see these photos grace the pages of 'Home Beautiful' as the furniture is a mixture of this 'n' that but everything finally has a place and I have some clear space to stamp and hold classes again. Yay!

So here's what the converted Garage/Rumpus Room looks like now. It's all mine ...

My New Craft Desk

Storage for My Current Stamp Sets, Punches, Books and Magazines

My old craft desk is now a sewing table and a place to have my portable photo studio set up.

The paper storage area is directly behind me, along with an area for retired stamp sets that I can't part with yet and some other bits 'n' bobs. The craft table for guests is now set up directly in front of that area (This photo was taken early this morning).

The View from Behind My Desk

So there you have it ...


Jodene said…
Wow, looks fantastic Bron and SO organised!
Jacki Daniels said…
OOOhh you lucky devil looks fab love it
Jacki xx
Robyn said…
Looks like a good place for a friendly stamping class- shame there is a lot of water between your place and mine Lol!!
Nikki Spencer said…
Go you! it looks fabulous Bron, very neat and tidy, definately worth the effort.
How much more creative do feel when it's all in it's place and no more restrictive clutter..:0) You have put me to shame!
Wow! What a beautifully organised space Bronwyn! I'm very envious, it's a great room!
Anonymous said…
fab room Bron ..mine is not like yours and all tidy like that!!
Bron your crafting space looks fab!!
It's huge and such a great place to have a class.
Looks fantastic Bronwyn. A great crafting space.
hugs Carolyn
Oh WOW!!! Bron this is amazing! Have you just held a class??? Please let me know when you do, I'd love to stamp with you and have some of your amazing craftyness ooze onto ME!
Love this space, soooo want to covet but that would be wrong! But soooo pleased to see what a blessing your new space is!
Hugs and love SHarnee :)
Tania Gould said…
...and it looks even better in "real life"...!!!!
Shamela said… neat n tidy....mine stays this clean for about 5 minutes a lovely space to be creative
Patrice said…
Woohoo looking good Bron! How long did it stay so neat and tidy? lol

It looks like a wonderful space to spend time doing what you love.