Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea Cup Easel Card Tutorial and Kit Give Away

Thank you so much to the twelve lovely ladies that left me a comment about what colour combo they would like to see for my Tea Cup Easel Card.

RANDOM.ORG. has chosen number 11Congratulations to Mae Collins!

You'll have to trust me when I tell you that this was done with integrity and number 11 was the first number that was randomly selected.  I'm just a bit clueless as to how to save a Random.Org. generated widget where the winning number stays put!  It's past my bed time so that problem will have to be solved another day.

This is what Mae had to say ...
Blogger Mae Collins said...
WOW Bron this is gorgeous! Any colour combination you choose would be fine with me! ♥

Mae has won a pdf of the tutorial and a free kit containing the die cuts needed to make the card.  You can check out all the colour combo ideas in the comment section of my original post.

Thanks for playing along.

PS:  Here's a recent email that I received -
Hi Bronwyn,

I made a collection of mothers day cards - based on your tutorial. I put some photos on Pinterest at  http://pinterest.com/pin/178314466466492239/ . I started with the brown cup and made that as your instructions ( decorations tailored to the challenge I was also submitting for) ...but then for the next, the white one, I used a different style of easel (just looked it up then to link back, but realised that was your tutorial too! - the pink scallop circles with birds and butterflies) as I wanted the pieces to sit on top on each other to look better when presented folded up. That was fine ... but in the end went back to the original style when I changed the cup to reflect a cup in my collection. I liked the way that method stood better.  Then I was totally over teacups and made a takeaway coffee one to even things up :-)

Thanks for the tutorial, my mum, nan and mother-in-law loved the cups ... and I even won myself a little competition in card making challenge group, copycatcards, for the Royal Albert cup. Yippee :-)

thanks again,
Lisa. Spencer

Thanks for the feed back, Lisa.  Your cards are gorgeous!


Mae's Cachet said...

WOW how exciting to win this gorgeous tutorial and kit! Will so look forward to receiving the surprise colours when they arrive and putting it together. Thanks Bron, your work is gorgeous and very creative, you continually inspire me!

Lesley said...

Congrats to Mae!

Mae's Cachet said...

Thanks Bron the kit arrived today so I will look forward to having a play and trying to recreate something as beautiful as yours! ♥

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