Birthday Cards

Just thought I'd use this post to say a huge big thank you to everyone that sent me a birthday card, greeting, pressie etc.  I certainly appreciated all the lovely cards that I received.  

As this blog is mostly dedicated to hand made cards, I've decided to share some that were made by friends who share my passion for paper craft and stamping.  Most of these girls are from Just Add Ink and you can check out the talent over at their challenge blog.


A month has flown by already but if you check out my September posts you will understand why it has taken me so long to get around to sharing these beautiful cards.  I'm still feeling quite relaxed and operating in 'Fiji Time'.

So ... the big ... 5 0 has come and gone.  Hopefully, by the time I turn 60, I'll be -
  • retired ... or re-fired as they say
  • a grandma
  • a seasoned traveller
  • an avid crafter with a bit more time on by hands to potter in my craft room :)

Thanks for stopping by,