21 Today!

Ryan with his Mates

I don't often share non-crafty stuff on my blog but I couldn't help myself because our son is 21 today! Where have those years gone?

(The end result was definitely worth it but I can recall a very long hot summer, insomnia, a 36 hour labour, an 'emergency' caesarean, the 10lb 14oz baby I produced ... what the?, the 11 days I spent in hospital with Ryan in intensive care fighting AB/O incompatibility jaundice, tubes down his throat, a bit of post-natal depression and not being able to breastfeed. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!!)

Enough 'reminiscing' ... Ryan recently shared a party with his friend, Jess, who celebrated her 18th and it was all organised so capably by another friend, Ebony. She did a great job and Ryan enjoyed catching up with some of his mates.

That's our daughter, Laura, in the background and she'll celebrate her 18th this year!!

I'll be back with some papercraft stuff in the form of a JAI challenge on Friday. Until then, happy crafting!


Mae's Cachet said…
A great photo Bron! Yeah where does that time go and I know what you mean about doing it all again with the issues we had and all. I couldn't imagine my life without my kids and of course their dad, my best friend!
I was reading your delivery description ... and it was like you had just told my story ... except for the caesar bit. My obstetrician was moving house that day and couldn't be bothered coming in to do a caesar ... so mine ended up in a baby with black and blue head & on barbituates to stop the swelling. But ... the long labour ... & even the AB/O incompatiability & jaundice ... and the 11 day stay ... all the same! I also had a reaction to the epidural ... vomiting for half an hour everytime they dosed me! Funny thing ... I went back for 4 more after that ... but they were all planned caesars! And ... now I am getting ready for this first born to have her own baby in about 3 mths! Won't I be nervous when she goes into labour with this baby!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs xxaxx
Oooh ... meant to say congrats to Ryan! And ... another funny coincidence ... if Stacey had been a boy ... she was going to be a Ryan! How freaky! (She ... however has just turned 25). Hugs xxaxx
Patrice said…
Congrats and happy birthday to Ryan! And to you too Bron, it was your birth day afterall *wink*.
Anonymous said…
Congrats, proud Mummy, and happy birthday, Ryan. My eldest just turned 6 (I was a late starter!), and though it has sometimes been a challenge, I wouldn't have missed it either. Wow, 21. He looks like he has a great bunch of friends, too, Bron.