Beautiful Boat Harbour

If it wasn't for the graphic images portrayed on television, it would have been difficult to imagine that Cyclone Yasi was creating havoc in far North Queensland while we were holidaying in idyllic, Boat Harbour on the North West Coast of Tasmania last week.

If I was to be really honest with you, this was the ONLY day of beautiful weather that we experienced as you certainly can get four seasons in one day in Tassie! We did have windy days and heavy rain but nothing like what was going on elsewhere in the country.

It was good to get back on the Internet to see that my 'blogging friends' in QLD were safe and well and didn't experience any storm damage.

Australia has certainly had their fair share of fires, heat waves, storms and floods this Summer. Tasmania has only experienced minor flooding on the East Coast and parts of the North West and I guess I shouldn't complain that we haven't had much of a Summer in regard to warm temperatures this season but I'm guessing the thermometer will rise when the school year resumes! That's usually the way it works! 'Sigh!'


Robyn said…
How beautiful!! I LOVE the beach but DH prefers the bush!...makes it hard trying to plan holidays-it has to have a bit of everything!!
Patrice said…
Looks absolutely beautiful.
Tania Gould said…
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos!
Claire said…
What an absolutely beautiful spot Bronwyn!
Beautiful photos Bronwyn.
Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday.
I would love to retire to somewhere like this! TFS. Hugs xxaxx