Just Add ... some Love and a bit of News!

Valentine Chocolate Heart Holders

Yes, there is a challenge happening at Just Add Ink this week - it's Just Add Love (Weddings, Valentine etc.)

It was an impossible week for me to try and get a challenge done and I hate letting down the team by not having something new to share today. However, LIFE HAPPENS!

So I thought I'd post some different pictures of my little Chocolate Heart Holders that I made in the last round of UStamp with Dawn and Friends, Year End Blow Out as a Guest Designer (The Oh! My Word Edition will go LIVE TODAY as well. Can't wait!)

Here's the link to the original post - Bliss Chocolate Heart Valentine Holders

Here's a couple of other links to some more Valentine's Day Projects -

Mojo Valentine

Heart Topped Box

That will have to do for now. I had a choice to either give my family take away for the third night in a row this week or get a card done for JAI #55. I opted to make Shepherd's Pie! Aside from the fact that after spending 4 to 5 hours on Tuesday with what I thought were a couple of great ideas in my head, they both turned out to be total disasters as my Mojo decided to go on holiday!

However, I know that a bunch of very cute little kids will be keen and eager to walk through the classroom door next Tuesday and will appreciate the fact that my new room will be in a less chaotic state than it was at the beginning of the week!

"So what's NEW?" (or NEWS in this case) Did you wonder about my blog post title?

If you haven't stopped by the Just Add Ink Blog, you should hop on over to see what's happening!

Hopefully, I'll be back with a NEW Just Add Ink Challenge to share with you next week!

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I think these boxes are AMAZING and love to see them even if it's not a brand new project!!! Bron I'm sooo excited for you and your new year and I'm pleased you cooked instead of putting the pressure on yourself!! Life does happen indeed!
Hope you are well and get your Mojo back soon!
Love and hugs SHarnee :)
P.S! WOW mate!! COngrat's on your news!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! what a awesome thing to do, you're totally the lady for the job, oh bring it on, i'm EXCITED!!!! xxxxx
Mae's Cachet said…
These are lovely Bron...but I got a sneak peak at what you had been putting together and they weren't disasters at all! I had a great time catching up with you this week...can't wait for Convention!

Looking forward to continuing on with you and Delys and the rest of the DT girls at JAI and the year to come of challenges!
Sandra said…
Congratulations Bronwyn!!!! That is FANTASTIC news! *smile*
Jodene said…
I just love these little boxes Bron! And don't worry about not doing a specific project this week, there are times when our priorities are elsewhere and that's just life!
I am glad you shared these anyway, because I think they're adorable :) And the chocolate is looking so good to me right now! lol
Patrice said…
These are just as gorgeous second time around. So glad you chose to cook dinner instead!
KimB said…
Honestly its like you designed these these choccy holders for the challenge!! Bet the family enjoyed the pie too :)
Danielle Daws said…
I'll never get enough of seeing this project! It's such a stunner! I'm thrilled you and Delys are taking over JAI - can't wait to see what you have in store!
Much love,
Congrats on the new appointment! Well deserved .... and although we will miss Danielle & Amanda ... I am sure you will fill their shoes well. Hugs xxaxx
Linda Tarolli said…
What a fun idea. I think I may have to incorporate it into my upcoming Chicks & Chocolate class. I even bought some Hershey's Bliss chocolate hearts! Perfect.