The Nerve of Some People!!

craftingourlives has this kit for sale on EBay

I had a lovely blogging friend alert me to this card kit that was being sold on EBay out of Canada!! The nerve of some people.

She has a 100% rating AT THE MOMENT!!

You should definitely check it out as you might have some of your designs being CASED too -

The seller's name is craftingourlives. She certainly lives up to her name!!

Does anyone else think that if you sell card kits it should be your own design? I have my disclaimer at the bottom of the page which she obviously ignored!! (Here's my card BTW)

I'm peeved!

PS: Another friend found these similarities with another sold kit from the same seller -
EBay Kit and Nikki Stalker's gorgeous card


Jeanette said…
Sorry. I don't know what she was thinking. Can you report her to SU? It's nice to have people like your designs but enough was not changed to have it called her own. She should read copyright law.
Danielle Daws said…
OMG! That's awful!

Thought I should let you know that sometimes a seller's homepage on ebay says they have no items when they do. Seems to be a glitch. But if you click it anyway her items should come up.

If you're logged in to ebay and can see the items they've previously sold, one set of yours has sold already (before the one in your post). Not sure if you'll be able to see this link -

Some people are unbelievable!
Helen Williams said…
Oh the nerve, thats horrible Bron.
I agree with you that she should come up with own designs.
KimB said…
It is so clearly a rip off Bron!! I totally understand how annoyed you are!
Anonymous said…
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I cannot beleive that she states that they are HER creations in her description of her home page. Absolutely disgusted! I must say that grey and orange flower one looks familiar to me too. What do you think? Also have you contacted her?
It's a shame you cannot see what has been sold by her previously.
By the way...LOVE YOUR WORK!! LOL!
Sandra said…
I've just gone through her past items sold and yours is not the only one :( I've just sent you and email with the details.
Patrice said…
OMG Bron that's terrible. I haven't checked it out yet, but if I were you I'd be flicking her an email of some sort asking her to come clean.
Richelle said…
Gee that's really poor form!
Leonie said…
I dont blame you for being annoyed, nobody should be able to profit off your design. On the up side, it is a very lovely card! lol!

I feel so bad for you Bronwyn. I didn't realise people did this.
Amazing what some people stoop to isn't it?
Is there anything you can do about it do you think?
Tania Gould said…
OMG I can't believe the nerve of that woman! AGHH that really pee's me off!
Monica Gale said…
OH DEAR !THAT IS NOT COOL> I would contact her straight away, so sorry this has happened to you, the nerve of some huh?. M xxx
Sherry Kushibab said…
Very nervy - I hope your able to let her know what she has done.
That is so disappointing! Is there anything you can do? Can you report her to E-bay? It must be so frustrating! What a good pick up from your friend! Hugs xxaxx
Just popped over to E-bay ... and this seller has no items listed at the moment. But ... the bad thing is ... she will probably just set up under another name ... at some stage! Hugs xxaxx
Ooops ... found a couple of listings! ... so ignore that last comment! giggle! Hugs xxaxx
Anonymous said…
I can't believe this either.....perhaps they think because they are on the other side of the world no one with know. But SNAP!!
Nikki said…
You can check her previous sales by clicking on her name - you can view the last six months worth of cards. I'd be contacting her and eBay - she has sold heaps and heaps of kits. I think SU would want to know too as she is selling stamped images too.
how is an ebay listing using a preorder stamp set - must be a demonstrator......argh!!!

i am sorry this has happened to you.
Liz Goddard said…
We have copyright law in Canada and also Stampin' Up Canada. If you have not already resolved this, just contact Stampin' Up Canada head office and I imagine they will set fire to her tail.