Prize Winning Cards!

Louise's 3rd place entry

The Girl's Work on Display

Wow! My First Ribbon!

Best in Papercraft Section

Laura and I had a quick browse around the Launceston Show, before collecting the craft entries at the Cottage Industries' Pavilion. The ONLY reason I went was to see the crafts on display. The whole other experience reminded me why I hadn't been for about 8 years and why I'm not likely to hurry back! I discovered that the 'Alpine Express' gives me a headache and everything is so over-priced!

Well, despite all this, it was great to see the children's work. I have lots of certificates, ribbons, money and prizes to give out at the next Assembly. Well done to everybody and to Mrs. Pannowitz, who spent a lot of time with the Seniors cooking up a storm!

I got a real surprise to see I had won overall winner in the Papercraft Section and was awarded a book voucher from Petrachs (my daughter is very envious). I wonder if they have some books on papercraft?

Time to put my feet up with a home brewed coffee!
:) Bronwyn