Bali Highlights - #1

Here's just a snippet of some of my favourite photos from the 300+ that I took of my trip to Bali. Enjoy!

Me, with Menik and Dora, two of the girls from the orphanage that made Lis and I feel right at home.

Some of the beautiful flowers in the grounds of the first hotel we stayed at on our arrival in Bali.

The grounds of the orphanage which has had a major re-vamp thanks to a dedicated gardener amongst the staff.

The view from one of the girls' dormitories.

Idi teaching Lis how to play the Gamelan.

Having fun with the instruments. The Gamelan is usually just for boys.

We watched Gamelan practice three times over the course of the week!

Gamelan Teacher Extraordinaire

My son, Ryan, donated some T Shirts. Here are the four boys who received them. They were asked some trivia questions in order to 'earn' them from the leader of the orphanage. It was all in Indonesian so I didn't understand much of the 'process' but the boys who 'won' were pretty chuffed with their prize!

The guys on the team spent ages in the local hardware store at Negara getting supplies for two of the orphanages. Here's Lis and Komang waiting patiently outside in the heat! We were able to get some 'payback' when we hit the markets a couple of days later in West Bali.

I just love this shot of the pigs in the pen at the orphange. They don't have names because one of them will be Christmas dinner.

Tea Time at the Orphanage

I hope you enjoyed having a browse through the first lot of photos. I had better go and dish tea before I upload another post. Rest assured rice is not on the menu at our place tonight!


Tania Gould said…
WOW stunning pics!!! The children seem happy and it is definitly a beautiful place to be! Thanks for showing them!
Patrice said…
Thanks for sharing your fabulous pics Bron. Beautiful weather, gorgeous flowers and lovely to have glimpses of the children and orphanage. Look forward to lots more in the coming days.
Mae Collins said…
Welcome home Bron! Looks like it was a successful trip.
Christine Blain said…
Beautiful pics - made me feel like I was right there (minus all the sweaty heat! LOL). Looks like you had a great trip, Bron.
Jo said…
Great photos Bron. The kids look really happy and the orphanage looks bright and airy. The gardens look beautiful too.
Marisa said…
What a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures! LOVE the one of the pigs LOL!
Leonie said…
Thank you for sharing some snippits of your trip, it looks like you have had an amazing adventure!