Birthday Cards 1

Last Friday was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with the amount of Birthday Greetings from family and friends, through Face Book, the good old telephone, the JAI Groups Site, My Blog ... and the lovely happy mail received (some in person at Regionals on Saturday).

I must admit I am the world's worst at getting cards to people on time and all I can say is I certainly appreciated all the good wishes. THANKS HEAPS!

I had to do Professional Development at work on the day and then there was SU Regionals on Saturday so I got to chill-ax on Saturday night and watch a movie (The Blind Side) and enjoy a good glass of red!

I thought you might appreciate having a glimpse at some of the hand-made cards I received. There's so much talent out there! There are 4 posts in total which will appear throughout the day. Enjoy the eye-candy!

Chantell Randall from Ink Everywhere

Made by Sue Brown

Jeane McQueen - Jeane Rose Creations

from Anne and Nadia
(It contained the Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe - yum!)

Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back with more later.