Bali Highlights - #2

Here's some more photos of my trip to Bali. I'm trying to get caught up on some posts while unpacking, washing etc. so I can then sit down later and open up all the boxes of SU goodies that have been sitting near the front entrance way calling my 'name' ever since I got home last night!

On our last night in the Widhya Asih V orphanage in Melaya, the children put on a farewell concert for us. Here's some of the girls in their traditional Balinese costumes.

Our friend Wayan selling the tastiest kebabs in all of Bali.

Green bread at the supermarket near Wayan's 'take-away'.

The beach at Gilimanuk, West Bali, looking towards the coastline of Java.

Two young girls from the Orphanage at Blimbing Sari looking out at all the senior school students camping on the nearby grounds.

The entrance way to Blimbing Sari, an orphange for elementary (primary) aged children.

A young girl at Blimbing Sari.

The Beach at Seminyak

Cardboard boxes are usually more fun to play with than what's inside! Some boys playing near the Beachside Markets at Sanur.

The sign over the toilets at Sanur. You can just make out Jeff's, Byron's and Lis' reflection in the mirror below.

The next post is also about Bali but it will highlight some of the gorgeous papercraft creations from the children at the Wihya Asih V orphanage.


Christine Blain said…
Great photos, Bron - what wonderful memories.
Jo said…
Great photos Bron. It's great to see that the cardboard box holds universal appeal to all kids.
Jodene said…
Love looking at your pics Bron, looks like a wonderful trip. Love that sign,too funny!